In May 2009 SGS Germany incorporated the Johnson Controls Europe Material and Weathering Lab, located in Grefrath, Germany. Based on it, the new SGS Automotive Testhouse in Herten was created. The existing lab was rebuilt and expanded to host the complete test equipment and climate chambers in one place. SGS is now a Johnson Controls preferred supplier of for all types of material testing.

The Automotive Testhouse with efficient customer service and state-of-the-art laboratory is able to provide consulting and tests for nearly all OEM-specifications. Tests can be done in line with basic material & process development, product development, initial sample tests and product audits.

Due to its flexible accreditation acc. to DIN EN ISO 17025 the Automotive Testhouse is also able to develop new test procedures. The Automotive Testhouse is equipped to perform all necessary tests on materials e.g. plastics, textiles and also assembly parts: complete instrument panels or doors. The following verifications can be done in Automotive Testhouse lab in Herten: All types of emission tests e.g. thermal desorption, Tedlar Bag, emission test chamber Mechanical tests e.g. tensile strength or impact testing Analytical investigations of physicochemical characteristics with e.g. thermal analysing or infrared spectroscopy. Determinations of surface properties like chemical or scratch resistance Ageing tests e.g. sun simulation, hot light ageing or climate cycle.

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