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SGS’s TLTV Program Confirmed in Holland, Denmark and UK

SGS TLTV-VLO Standard admitted in addition to TLTV-VLC to Keurhout Legal System

The Verified Legal Origin (TLTV-VLO) Standard, or “phase one”-Standard of SGS‘ Timber Legality and Traceability Verification (TLTV) Program has been successfully evaluated by Keurhout and admitted to Keurhout Legal Systems (KH-SYS) as from June 10, 2010.

The “phase two” or full TLTV Standard (TLTV-VLC) had already been confirmed by Keurheut in October 2008. TLTV is a verification program by SGS which assesses based on nine principles whether timber has been legally produced, acquired and sold by forestry or timber companies. SGS two-phased-approach in the TLTV Program is as follows: in “phase one” compliance against five of the nine TLTV principles is verified (TLTV-VLO Standard). In “phase two” compliance against all nine TLTV principles (TLTV-VLC Standard) is verified. Companies verified against the TLTV-VLO Standard have to progress to the second step, Verification Legal Compliance (TLTV-VLC), within a maximum period of two years.

“This is great news! It confirms the strength and credibility of our TLTV system and provides recognition to our clients for their efforts to produce legality-verified timber”, stated Antoine de La Rochefordière, Head of the SGS Forestry Monitoring Program in Geneva, on hearing about Keurhout’s decision.

Keurhout was founded with support of the Dutch government, the business community and trade unions in order to evaluate forest management systems and/or certificates against the minimum requirements of the Dutch Government for sustainable forest management (KH-SFM) and/or for legality (KH-SYS). Timber carrying the Keurhout-logo comes from legally verified or sustainably-managed forests; the Keurhout label plays a significant role in the Dutch market.

SGS’ TLTV Program was the first ever legality verification system to be accepted by Keurhout. The first admittance of TLTV to KH-Legal System related to the full TLTV-Standard, TLTV-VLC. Since SGS has introduced a two-phased option in the meantime, with TLTV-VLO being the first step, a separate validation of the TLTV-VLO Standard was successfully conducted against the Keurhout Legal criteria this year. As a result, companies verified against the “TLTV VLO” Standard can brand their timber like companies complying with the TLTV-VLC Standard with the Keurhout-Legal label as from June 10, 2010.

Recognition of TLTV-VLC in Denmark

The Danish Government has followed the United Kingdom in recognizing SGS's TLTV-VLC Standard as a valid legality verification system. On May 19, 2010, the Danish Ministry of the Environment, Forest and Nature Agency launched its new, revised guidelines on public procurement of legal and sustainable timber which recommend, among others, SGS TLTV Program (the “full” VLC Standard) as evidence for the legality of purchased timber.

The new guidelines of the Danish Ministry of the Environment are a voluntary tool which encourage and help public buyers to procure legally and/or sustainably produced timber. TLTV-VLC accepted by CPET (United Kingdom) In 2008, CPET (“Central Point of Expertise for Timber”), a UK government funded body which provides free impartial advice, practical support and assistance for all questions relating to timber procurement evaluated TLTV-VLC against the Category B requirements for legality as set under the UK Government’s procurement policy on timber and timber products. The TLTV Program was found to be in compliance and is accepted as valid evidence of legality.

SGS TLTV Program

The TLTV Program was developed in 2005 and has grown into a systematic program that verifies forestry companies’ compliance against comprehensive legality standards. The trail of the timber to the markets is monitored through Chain-of-Custody audits of the processing or trading companies.

With 6.8 Mio ha of TLTV VLO/VLC verified forests in African and Asian countries (Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and 40 TLTV CoC statements in Europe, America and Asia the TLTV Program is growing steadily across the world.


Juliane Lemcke
TLTV Service Manager

SGS in South Africa

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