SGS North America Inc.'s Consumer Testing Services announced today that its Fairfield, N.J., lab now provides a single source for electrical safety testing and certification for products slated to be sold in both the U.S. and Canada.

The addition of testing and certification services for compliance with Canadian regulations – following last month's accreditation of the Fairfield lab by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) – eliminates the need for manufacturers to engage multiple testing agencies for U.S. and Canadian markets.

SGS's flagship Fairfield facility can now evaluate 95 categories of electrical and electronics products for compliance with 260 Canadian safety standards as well as U.S. requirements, and supply a combined U.S./Canada safety certification mark to allow sale of acceptable products in one or both markets. Products covered range from luminaires and household / industrial products to audio-video equipment, machine tools, and electrical and electromechanical components.

The Canadian accreditation is the first step in a major E&E expansion planned by SGS North America to increase testing capacity as well as services. The company also has extensive global E&E testing and certification capabilities, including multiple affiliate labs in Europe and Asia, that help manufacturers sell electrical and electronics products in the global marketplace.

"Having one certification body that can handle electrical safety testing for both U.S. and Canada can speed time to market, lower costs and reduce administrative overhead not only for the initial product testing but also for the follow up inspections required to maintain certification," said Azim Karimi, Certification Manager of SGS North America. "This is an important addition to our global E&E services that will enable manufacturers to use a single source for electrical safety testing anywhere in the world."

In addition to electrical safety testing, SGS offers a full range of E&E testing and certification services from the design stage throughout the entire product lifecycle. Other services include EMC, field labeling, REACH, RoHS/hazardous substance, pre-compliance, full compliance, training, medical equipment, supply chain security, factory assessment and sustainability.

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