In November 2010 the long-awaited ISO 26000 Standard – Guidance on Social Responsibility was published, immediately generating significant interest amongst a wide range of organizations. The standard is aimed at all organizations interested in ensuring that they are performing in a socially responsible manner by providing guidance on the key aspects they should consider.

ISO 26000 is unlike many other ISO standards in that organizations can not be certificated against it. However many organizations have expressed interest in an independent third party assessment of their practices in relation to social responsibility.

ISO26000 performance Assessment Services available

SGS has developed a performance assessment methodology aimed at evaluating the extent to which organizations are fulfilling expectations within ISO 26000 and thereby grading an organization’s performance in relation to Social Responsibility principles, fundamental practices and core subjects. A full SGS Performance ISO 26000 assessment will result in a Statement of Performance to demonstrate the grading level achieved. Organizations undertaking this type of assessment will benefit from a detailed review of their systems and processes to identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling enhanced social responsibility and benefits gained from improved relations with their stakeholders.

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