SGS Industrial Services has been awarded a two year contract to provide a comprehensive set of Asset Integrity Management and Non-Destructive Testing Services for two oil refineries in Chile. SGS’s role will be to help the client manage the refineries’ assets and to ensure their integrity and reliability.

SGS Industrial Services is pleased to provide the services the oil company requires, including Asset Integrity Management (AIM), inspection services for oil refinery equipment including reactors, tanks, certain pipelines and distillation columns, conventional and advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), including vibration analysis for rotary equipment, and lastly, Rope Access services to enable access at different inspection points.

SGS’s range of experts to be involved in this project includes mechanical, industrial and metallurgical engineers, NDT inspectors as well as quality, health, safety and environmental specialists. SGS aims to have the team of experts and requisite infrastructure in place by March 2011.

In being awarded this contract, SGS aims to increase the refineries’ Asset Integrity by providing an integrated approach combining NDT and AIM. This unique approach ensures the client will not only receive high quality expertise on the Asset Integrity Management but also will have access to the latest NDT technologies. This combination is uniquely offered by SGS to a variety of businesses across various industrial sectors.

There were key factors that led SGS Industrial Services to be selected as the best choice for this contract, including winning the client’s confidence through SGS’s understanding of client needs across key counterparts in various service areas. In addition, SGS can boast of 21 years’ worth of commercial relationship with this client, demonstrating the advantages that make the difference to the competition. SGS Industrial Services offers global support and coverage and has utilized international seminars in Chile to demonstrate its credibility as a global provider of Non-Destructive Testing and other integral solutions.

About SGS Industrial Services SGS is the preferred international partner for inspection, verification, testing and certification services. From design through to operation for various asset types, the global network of SGS experts provides a diverse portfolio of services to ensure that installations, material, equipment, facilities and projects meet all quality and performance requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or customer based. The SGS team of engineers and technicians will find the solutions that best suit your needs, whether they are related to exploration and production, pipelines, LNG terminals and carriers, refineries, storage tanks, petrol stations or any other type of asset.

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