In response to the Taiwan Government’s expectation for the private sector to build up mechanisms for industrial human resources development and to help meet corporate recruitment requirements, SGS introduced Personnel Competence Certification Program in Taiwan in 2010. SGS Taiwan also applied for accreditation for the new program from the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). TAF has now confirmed its decision to grant the accreditation based on the international standard ISO 17024 to SGS Taiwan. SGS is one of the very few organizations in the world that have gained ISO 17024 accreditation.

In the ceremony where SGS received the ISO 17024 accreditation certificate from the Chairman of TAF Mr. Kai-Shan Chen and the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nien-Ling Chou, Mr. Chen called SGS as the benchmark in the Taiwanese certification market. “No matter how difficult the accreditation would be for a certification body, SGS as the market leader always explores new certification schemes”, he continued.

The Chief Operation Officer of SGS Eastern Asia Region Mr. Dennis Yang said:  “The accreditation is a very important achievement and a milestone to SGS Taiwan as it will further help us expand our service portfolio via penetrating the field of international Personnel Competence Certification.”

According to Mr. David Huang, Director of Systems and Services Certification at SGS Taiwan, SGS will continue to provide new Personnel Competence Certification services in various scopes and industries.

About the SGS Personnel Competence Certification Program

SGS has launched two new Personnel Competence Certification programs: 

Management System Personal Certification, including Provisional Management System Internal Auditor (PMSIA), Certified Management System Internal Auditor (CMSIA), Certified Improvement Engineer (CIE), Certified Supply Chain Auditor (CSA), Certified Chief Auditor (CCA) and Certified Management Representative (CMR)

Training Management Personnel Certification which consists of Provisional Corporate Tutor (PCT), Certified Corporate Tutor (CCT), Certified Professional Tutor (CPT), Provisional Training Supervisor (PTS), and Certified Training Supervisor (CTS) and Certified Training Manager (CTM).
SGS is looking into extending the program to HR, Expatriate Management, Chain Store Services, Customer Complaints and Hospitality Management.

David Huang
Director, Systems & Services Certification
SGS Taiwan
Address: 125, Wu Kung Road, Wuku Industrial Zone,
Taipei Country,  Taiwan 24886

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