On November 16, 2010 the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade issued the Letter No. CB-12326/10 stipulating that Exemption Letters would not be required by Customs Authorities for the following products imported to Russia:

  • Spare parts intended for technical maintenance and repair of finished goods imported to the Customs Union territory earlier in case the compliance of those finished goods has been verified
  • Components or raw materials intended for production of goods in case the production is located in the Customs Union country where the customs clearance of components or raw materials is executed

Starting from November 16, the Department of State Policy in the field of Technical Regulation and Measuring Instrument Unity Assurance of the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade ceased the issuance of Exemption Letters for the above mentioned product categories.

Exemption Letters are the official written clarifications stipulating whether a product is liable to mandatory conformity verification or not. Since October 2010, in Russia, those Letters are to be issues by the Ministry for Industry and Trade. SGS assists exporters and importers to Russia with consultation and preparation of the necessary documentation to obtain the Exemption Letters for customs clearance purposes.

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