On October 12, 2010 by issuing the Decree No.1760-r the Russian Government approved the new Concept for a Single National Accreditation System in the Russian Federation.

Currently, there are 16 mandatory certification systems active in Russia, and each of them has an accreditation scheme for conformity verification bodies. In the framework of each system, accreditation functions are performed by various organizations, such as Rosstandart, Rospotrebnadzor, Rostekhnadzor, etc. As a result of lack of coordination, one certification body might need to undergo the accreditation process more than once, and the same product might be verified within several certification systems.

According to the new Concept for a Single National Accreditation System, the accreditation process for seven mandatory certification systems would be handed over to the national accreditation body. Single rules and procedures for accreditation should relate to all aspects of conformity assessment, including testing, calibration, verification, certification and inspection. Those rules and procedures should be harmonized with international standards.

The Accreditation Council should be formed out of representatives from governmental bodies, associations and expert organizations to contribute to accreditation policy-making in Russia.

To implement the approved Concept, revision of the legal framework and establishment of the national accreditation body have been planned. In the first quarter of 2011, the Federal Law on Accreditation in the Russian Federation is to be approved. The new single accreditation body should gradually assume the functions of various Russian accreditation bodies, and the new system should completely replace the old one by January 1, 2012.

Vladimir Ovcharov, Head of Product Certification and Industrial Safety at SGS Vostok Limited, commented: "The single accreditation system is a significant step towards harmonization of the Russian legal framework with that of Russia’s major economic partners, in particular the European Union, where the same principles were adopted two years ago. It should create a truly competitive market for conformity assessment services and hence boost their quality, increase confidence in certification bodies and in the certificates issued by them as well as reduce businesses’ expenses for product verification. This is the third attempt to reform Russian accreditation system and we hope this act will be fruitful."

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