On October 22, 2010, the SGS Group issued the first Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) label in China. The honorable recipient was the Zhangzidao Fishery Group for its ezo scallops. Zhangzidao is the largest company of bottom-cultured seafood in China. In order to announce this achievement, Zhangzidao held a high level press conference at the Beijing International Hotel. Undoubtedly, this event will help promote the green image of Zhangzidao and boost SGS carbon services in China.

Mr. Hougang Wu (Board Chairman of Zhangzidao), Mr. Richard SHENTU (President of SGS China), Mr. Qisheng Tang (Academic from the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mr. Michael Zhu (Director of SGS China Food), Mr. William Lau (Director of SGS China OPEC) and several representatives from two sides attended the conference.

Mr. Richard Shentu has great confidence in sustainable development, “It is a great landmark. It not only demonstrates Zhangzidao’s commitment to Social Responsibility, but it also sets an important benchmark for the Chinese food industry to engage in sustainable development, as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of SGS participation in the development of a greener economy.”

Through the application process for the PCF label, Zhangzidao Group underwent a full assessment of carbon dioxide emissions from scallops over their lifetime. The label gives the number of grams of carbon dioxide per 1kg of product, produced during its entire lifecycle. The carbon absorbing process in the farming phase which reduces carbon dioxide levels, strengthened Zhangzidao’s confidence in developing this seafood line. The study also evaluates energy use and identified cost saving areas at the farming and processing level, enabling the company to be better prepared to deal with green procurement requirements from domestic and foreign buyers.

As a global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services, SGS always strives to improve human health, safety and the environment, and is devoted to providing professional solutions to all industries’ sustainable development challenges. In addition to Zhangzidao, SGS China has provided sustainable solutions to many domestic events, government institutions, nonprofit organizations and other industries, such as long-term energy planning services for companies and carbon audits for the London Zero Carbon Museum and the United Nations Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. SGS Energy and Carbon Services cover all industries, including natural resources, industrial, consumer goods, renewable energy, automotive, life sciences and so forth.

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