Petrochemicals Middle East is a monthly magazine for refinery and petroleum professionals. The publication is designed to enhance its readers’ industry knowledge. The July 2010 issue of the magazine features an article by Richard Ritchie, Director of SGS Competence Center Asset Integrity Management, entitled “Avoiding Failure”.

In this article Richard explains what Positive Material Identification (PMI) is and what additional benefits improved PMI provides compared with the traditional method.

Plant operators and maintenance experts face several challenges while carrying out their work. They have to extend the remaining life of the assets in the most reliable, safe and cost-effective manner. Only systematic inspection, detection and correction of failure conditions before they occur, or before they develop into major defects, can maintain the assets’ Fitness for Service condition and avoid unplanned downtime or even catastrophic disasters. This is why setting up an Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Program is crucial.

As part of an AIM Program, PMI helps to determine the material in use and to confirm that it is the correct material for service. An improved PMI approach with electronic data management enables not only a fully automated data collection and analysis, but also enhanced communication, reporting and assessment and thus supports decision making to enhance safety, productivity and profitability. In most cases, an effective approach can generate savings far beyond the cost of the program.

Read the whole Petrochemicals Middle East article – Avoiding Failure (PDF 3.28 MB).

About SGS Asset Integrity Management Services

SGS Industrial Services is a global service provider for technical verification, inspection, testing and conformity assessment and has implemented hundreds of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) programs worldwide, including nearly two hundred Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) programs.

On September, 2009 SGS US achieved a US Patent for its retro Positive Material Identification System which clearly demonstrates SGS´s capabilities, knowledge and expertise in helping clients to improve the integrity of their assets and processes anywhere in the world.

SGS also offers a positive Material Identification Service combined with other standard or advanced Non-Destructive Testing Methods.

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