Recent environmental debates such as global warming, risks posed by chemical substances, sustainable procurement and related pressures from governments (who are implementing more and more regulations concerning these issues), have motivated many companies to think about eco-innovation and to develop “green solutions”.

To encourage and help such initiatives, the European Commission has launched a call for proposals that will support companies’ innovative products, services and technologies that can make a better use of our natural resources and reduce Europe's ecological footprint.

€35 million will be available to fund new projects this year, with potential funding opportunities of up to EUR 1 million per project. Funding will cover 50% of total project costs identified.

The European Commission has identified four priority sectors and some of the eco-innovation project ideas are outlined below:

  • Materials Recycling - Eco-friendly design and production of high quality consumer goods and innovative recycling processes
  • Building and Construction Sector - Construction products and related processes that reduce consumption of resources, embodied carbon and production of by-product wastes
  • Food and Drink Sector - Innovative products including packaging methods and material that reduce environmental impact and maximize the use of raw materials in the food sector
  • Cleaner and more efficient processing of food and drink products
  • Improved efficiency water management processes across supply chain
  • Greening Business and 'Smart' Purchasing Innovative products that will decrease environmental impacts and useless resources
  • Substitution of materials with reduced environmental impacts and higher resource efficiency (e.g. bio-based products) and substitution of scarce materials and increased use of secondary raw material

SGS Offers a Full Range of Sustainability Solutions Thanks to our complete portfolio of solutions and our consulting, testing and auditing expertise, SGS Ecodesign team can help you with the process of developing a proposal and/or implementing a project as a project contractor.

Our complete range of services is based on a life cycle approach and comprises Product environmental assessment (to position the environmental performance of your product, design and extend the product portfolio with new greener technologies), Management solutions (to integrate tools and procedures in your organization and throughout your supply chain), Product solutions (to focus on design improvement and implement ecolabelling schemes).

If you want to know more about SGS Sustainability, our service offerings and how we can contribute in your application, please visit our website SGS Sustainability for Consumer Goods or email us.


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