To keep pace with the fast-changing world, SGS is pleased to offer you a web-based tool to manage your farm.  SGS Field and Resource Management (F.A.R.M) is an online data management tool, which allows you to map your fields, track pests, manage employees, track costs, create variable fertilizer application files, and use yield data to make better management decisions.

Soil test results, boundary and points are collected by SGS employees and recorded for clients to access via any computer with Internet capability. After logging on to SGS F.A.R.M., clients can view their boundaries, digitize new field boundaries, create soil test maps, VRT (Variable Rate Technology) fertilizer maps, upload yield data, create soil type maps and develop field management zones.

Increased fertilizer input prices are making it necessary to find simple and useful ways to help keep costs down on the farm. One great way to do this is through the use of VRT fertilizer maps.  By utilizing the SGS F.A.R.M. software, dealers can sit down with their patrons and test multiple scenarios to help customize the best possible VRT plan. These scenarios can be varied in many ways, from choosing to use yield maps collected by the patron, to something as simple as entering the total amount the client has budgeted to spend.

SGS F.A.R.M. also offers many features for independent growers. The “Record Keeper” module allows farmers to enter information such as planting dates and varieties, spray dates and herbicides, tillage and any other operations that are applied to fields. The “Scouter” module records observations made in the field, which provide additional input for the timing of spray applications or can simply help to explain a lower than expect yield at the end of the season.

Simply put, the online SGS F.A.R.M. program provides our clients with a simple way to mange their soil sampling results from the comfort of their own home or office. With this program, users have access to extensive information and the tools to better serve their or their clients’ needs.

For more information or to sign up for SGS F.A.R.M. please visit the Crop Services website or contact the Soil Team member nearest you:

Jim Roark
Toulon, IL
t: (309) 286-2761

Sherry Yarkosky
Belleville, IL
t: (618) 233-0445

Dr. Angela Carlson
Brookings, SD
t: (800) 692-7611

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