Ukraine has old agricultural traditions brought about by a unique combination of favorable climate and fertile soil for growing crops. The country’s total surface of arable land is 28 million hectares, 60% of which is black soil.

To assist companies in ensuring crop quality and yield, SGS Ukraine has expanded its scope of services to include not only exporters but also companies in the Ukrainian inland supply chain, including the farming sector.

A team of experts from SGS annually inspects agricultural fields in the different regions of Ukraine and clients are provided with impartial information about the crops’ condition and potential yield. In the reports generated by the team, the factors causing yield decrease are indicated and their level of influence is evaluated. The client can also request to measure the cultivated area of the land and test inputs such as soils, agrochemicals, fertilizers, etc.

During harvest time, cargo movement at the farms is monitored, starting from the fields and ending at the silos. SGS inspectors perform express analysis of the grains for moisture, broken grains, damaged grains, impurities, and the like, allowing grain operators to efficiently segregate the grains by quality.
For large procurements, SGS also offers the use of well-equipped mobile laboratories which allows for a more comprehensive range of analysis.

SGS strives to clearly understand clients’ problems and address their needs through professional and efficiently scheduled work.

For more information on Inland Services in Ukraine, please contact:

Eduard Ershov
Commercial Manager

SGS Ukraine
40/42, Atamana Golovatogo str.,
65003, Odessa, Ukraine
t: +38 048 786 96 00

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