The Seed and Crop division of SGS continues to expand its Pan-EU Field Trial Services, offering independent, fully accredited services.

SGS established an in-house field station network within the pan-EU framework back in 2006, and now, SGS expands its registration services to include agrochemicals, fertilizers, biocides and GM crops.

With increasing technical capabilities that have been developed since the start-up of the field stations and additional local GEP accreditations in European countries, SGS’s pan-EU Field Trial Services now include various types of field trials beside the standard residue and efficacy trials; demonstration and marketing trials, variety trials and soil cultivating trials are now being offered. The development of these services has also expanded to the east up to Romania, and capabilities have already been developed outside the EU-27 as well, in Ukraine and Russia.

Since 2008, SGS has offered the service of preparing complete Biological Assessment Dossiers according to European Directive 91/414/EEC (Annex IIIA - Point 6) and  to national requirements.

SGS Agricultural Services also offers flexible and impartial resources for product development. Studies are carried out in compliance with the requirements of GLP and GEP.

Study Directorship/Project Management

  • Selection of suitable locations and varieties in appropriate countries and regions
  • Consultation about relevant extent of study/accreditation criteria
  • Preparation of Study Plan and Amendments Integration of a project management tool for trial supervision
  • Evaluation and reporting to the sponsor Preparation of a Final Report
  • Preparation of summaries for the Registration Dossier Field Trial Organization
  • Flexibility in case of changes in the trial procedure (GEP) Preparation and maintenance of field/greenhouse trials
  • Carrying out of necessary ratings
  • Carrying out of applications and sampling
  • Inspection of critical phases on the spot
  • Determination of yield and sampling management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality management in accordance with the requirements
  • Inspection of critical phases Inspection of test sites Inspection of Study Plan and the Final Report

For more information on Pan-European Field Trial Services, please contact:

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t: +49 6128 744 - 251
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SGS Germany GmbH
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