Various regions and countries have different requirements for hazardous substances. Market surveillance for hazardous substances has already been implemented in many parts of the world and the results show that a high number of noncompliant products are still being placed on the market. To verify and demonstrate the level of HS in electric and electronic products, the IECEE* Hazardous Substances Testing Services (HSTS) was developed.

The IECEE Hazardous Substances Testing Service determines and reports the level of HS in the materials and components being used in electrical equipment. Tests are performed according to the latest international IEC standards.

As part of the HSTS an applicant will get:

  • A test report in the format defined by the IEC 62321 standard issued by an IECEE CB - HS laboratory and
  • A Statement of Test Results (STR) granted by an NCB like SGS Fimko, which has IECEE HS laboratories in Finland, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Support for Components Manufacturers and Buyers

Through STRs and test reports manufacturers can verify whether the percentage of hazardous substances in materials is in accordance with the relevant regulations. IEC standard 62321 indicates the appropriate test methods to assess compliance.

STRs and test results can be browsed on the IECEE website, which acts as a marketing channel for components and materials that have impartial, reliable test results. Test results help in evaluating the percentage of hazardous substances in the end product.

The Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou semiconductor devices Co. Ltd which was one of the first companies in the world to receive a HS STR, considers that the “ . . . SGS service is very helpful for E&E component companies to promote compliance of products”.

CB ROHS Certificate for HS in Components and Substances

The IECEE Hazardous Substances (HS) Statement of Test Results (STR) report service gives an effective way to identify and verify the concentrations of hazardous substances with the help of globally approved measuring procedures (IEC 62321). IECEE HS STRs and their test reports issued by a NC such as SGS Fimko are a reliable basis for the technical construction file of the final product.

SGS’s experience with IECEE HS STR is extensive. SGS experts suported IECCE in establishing this and other key services by sharing their experience in the industry and acting as IECEE work groups convenors.

Statement of Test Results for Guangzhou semiconductor devices Co. Ltd
Source: IECEE webpage

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