EMC Testing of a Eurofighter Cockpit Simulator

The test engineers of the SGS Center for Quality Engineering (CQE) had the privilege of working on an unusual test subject – a cockpit simulator of a Eurofighter jet aircraft.

The simulator was built by Reiser Systemtechnik for the Eurofighter, and just like any other electrical and electronic product, must fulfill the existing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. Indeed, even out of the ordinary products like the simulator of a fighter jet cockpit must keep within the limit values of harmonized EMC standards and show satisfactory immunity to interference.

Complex system tested thoroughly

In the SGS CQE EMC testing lab, the cockpit simulator was submitted to undergo a complete EMC qualification process in accordance with IEC/EN 61000-6-1 to 61000-6-4. In the process, emission and immunity field measurements were carried out in a 10m absorption chamber. Additionally, the conducted emission of the power supply lines and electric signal cables were measured and the stability and interfering impulses such as burst and surge impulses were determined.

The complete list of tests on the cockpit simulator also included relevant power supply measurements such as voltage dips, interruptions, harmonics and flicker, as well as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) measurements.

After all tests were carried out successfully, the implementation of the system was continued.

The cockpit simulator is used for training pilots of the Eurofighter jet. With the help of the simulator, pilots can experience realistic flight scenarios and gain relevant flight experience without having to carry out costly flights.

Designed to avoid systematic failures during development and production, the requirements are not only related to hardware, but also to software, thus making software quality requirements an intrinsic part of the new safety standards.

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The SGS CQE in Munich is an accredited testing laboratory for EMC, Product Safety, Telecommunications and Environmental Simulation. The EMC lab incorporates several absorption chambers and shielded measuring cells. The SGS CQE offer EMC measurements and also supports its customers with EMC consulting in the development stage, as well as the awarding of international EMC certificates, such as the CB EMC Test Report, CB EMC or the SGS EMC Mark.

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