The SGS Electrical & Electronics Newsletter INTRO 09 has already presented several steps to ensure your electrical product’s success on the US market. In the current issue we focus on how retailers and importers can ensure that their products will thrive on the EU market.

At present, getting electrical and electronic products to the European Union involves taking into consideration dozens of criteria and regulations that have been set in place to protect EU consumers from sub-standard products.

What Makes a Good Product?

Imported products have to fulfill a steadily rising number of legal requirements, with the principal ones covering their chemical consistence, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and energy usage. Along with all these requirements, an exciting design, attractive pricing and functionality are also critical.

So what does it mean for a product to function well? Aside from a product being able to fulfill its basic purpose and function, what about its level of quality? Which products offer the best price-performance ratio? How do your imported products compare to those of the competition? How will consumers receive your products

These questions can be summarized into one: How Fit are Your Products for the European Market?

Your success as a retailer/importer in the fast-paced and very demanding European market depends on how well you are able to answer this question. A thorough analysis of your target product is vital.

Design specifications, components suppliers, performance, manufacturing and shipping conditions all have to be verified, and more often than not additional testing on the importer/retailer’s side is a must.

Importers and retailers rely on third party specialized organizations in order to cut the costs and time required to properly check products intended for import and to have the guarantee of accurate results.

Ensuring Compliance Through Comprehensive Solutions

As a market leader in testing, certification and verification of electrical and electronic products, SGS is the one-stop shop to verify whether the products you intend to import are fit for the EU market.

With the addition of the SGS Center for Quality Engineering (CQE – Munich) to its network as part of a technology transfer transaction with Nokia Siemens Networks, SGS has created a new electrical and electronics testing competence center for European importers and retailers.

The new competence center covers a wide spectrum of testing services and product categories. Beside testing electrical and electronic products against EU regulations and performing environmental simulation tests, SGS CQE can also verify how well a product works. The newly created performance test lab can check whether usability specifications are met by:

  • Small household appliances
  • Sports and leisure electronics
  • Electrical tools

Additional services carried out by the CQE include comparative tests and type testing. With the addition of CQE to the SGS network, we are more capable in providing core competencies plus extensive services and complete solutions for importers and retailers operating in the EU.

For assistance with placing your product on the EU market, please contact:

Heiko Schmidt
International Sales Executive E&E

SGS Germany GmbH
t: +49 231 98 22 95 45

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