The acquisition of Technical Engineering Service Corporation (TESCO) Co., Ltd. at the end of 2008 consolidated SGS’s position as the leading testing services provider in South Korea. TESCO’s broad experience in reliability testing enhances SGS’s reliability services. Moreover, TESCO’s additional Content Production Division further expands the global expertise of SGS’s Consumer Testing Services.

With less than 100 staff members, the two divisions of TESCO generated revenues in excess of USD 7.5 million in 2007. Privately founded in 1999, TESCO’s quality support team was soon called upon to perform the complete range of reliability measurements for several Samsung divisions, from electronics to heavy industry. As a result, the Suwon-based company gradually earned its reputation for having the best reliability testing laboratory in Korea.

SGS TESCO Reliability Division

Aside from strong reliability testing capabilities, TESCO expanded its testing facilities in 2008 to become a one-stop service point for all reliability and EMC needs. Its testing and certification center and quality support team quickly became a reliable partner for many heavyweights in various industries, from consumer electronics and I.T. products, to rolling stocks, shipbuilding and medical equipment. The high-level expertise offered today by SGS TESCO is backed by the various accreditations that are already under its belt: KOLAS, KCC, FCC, VCCI, IC, C-Tick, CE, DNV and ISTA.

SGS TESCO’s Reliability Services portfolio covers: Environment and Life Tests: Including ALT, HALT, high and low temperature, humidity, temperature cycle, temperature step, thermal shock, water-proof, dust.

Standards that can be covered during testing include: IEC, MIL, IEEE, EN, GR, ISO, JIS, among others.

Mechanical and Transportation Tests: Earthquake, vibration, shock, fragility, drop, compression, bump, and further standards such as ISTA or ASTM.

Measurements: Design margin evaluation (derating), DOLBY digital, digital video and audio tests.

The fully equipped laboratory enables SGS TESCO to offer:

  • Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety (RAMS) Consulting
  • Assistance in development of test standards
  • Accelerated life analysis (testing and modeling)

The SGS TESCO Reliability Division currently services the following industries: household electronics, rolling stocks, shipbuilding and military equipment, electrical and communication products, nuclear power and automotive.

SGS TESCO Content Production DivisionThe Content Production Division opens SGS South Korea to a new market, one that deals with the development of user, service and digital manuals, and content production solutions for consumer, industrial and advanced I.T. products.

Using a set of systematic solutions in the creation of manuals, SGS TESCO is one of the leading service providers in this market. As part of its forward-thinking approach, the Content Production Division focuses on developing innovative electronic product manual solutions that go beyond the confines of conventional paper-based manuals.

The Content Production Division currently includes the following departments:

  • User manual development/production/technical writing
  • Service manual development and production
  • Technical illustration/user interface design
  • Localization (dealing with manual translations for approx. 48 target languages)
  • Printing and filming

The division’s previous experience with producing various types of manuals enables it to offer comprehensive services oriented towards paperless solutions and innovative communication methods.

While TESCO’s Reliability Division greatly improves SGS’s Reliability Services portfolio, the Content Production Division exposes SGS Consumer Testing Services to a new and exciting market. The acquisition of TESCO enables SGS to become a stronger partner for electrical and electronics manufacturers and importers in South Korea.

For more information on SGS TESCO’s services, please contact:

Simpson Shim
Chief General Management

SGS Korea
t: +82 312 596 530

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