For the pesticide industry, launching new products onto the market means high levels of investment into research and development. The success of this investment depends on a speedy market launch. As the field residue programs are at the end of this development process, reliable, robust and fast analytical services are a crucial factor in success.

SGS Group offers services relating to GEP and GLP studies from the early phase in the field and analytical support in the lab (e.g. residues, environmental fate, product analysis and ecotoxicology) through to assistance in drawing up the regulatory dossier. Our range of services also includes studies on the processing of foodstuffs, on consumer protection and livestock feeding studies.

In order to meet the requirements of our global customers, a standardisation process has been completed among the SGS branches in North & South America and Europe. By harmonising processes and replicating specific know-how, we are able to provide consistent quality and prove our performance in both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

SGS has guaranteed it can meet deadlines by expanding its analytical capacities for GLP studies. In 2008, SGS invested in Taunusstein/Germany in two new LC/MS/MS systems (API4000 and API5500). This GLP laboratory now has over 5 LC/MS/MS and two hGC/MSD systems, plus a range of HLPC/GC systems for specialist questions. Sample pre-processing has been expanded from 3 to 4 units. Capacity for crushing soil samples has been increased, and a hammer mill for soil samples and a pre-crushing press for high-volume fruits have both been acquired.

SGS Group has been a reliable partner for pesticide product development in Europe since 1993 and in the Americas since 2007.

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