SGS Non-Destructive Testing Technician, Danny Yang, successfully passed the Chinese Radiation Safety Course and examination.

Radiographic Testing is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method where radiation is transmitted through material, based on the same principle as medical radiography in a hospital. A radiographic film on the remote side of the material detects the radiation and measures the various quantities over the entire surface of the film. Discontinuities in the material affect the amount of radiation being received by the film. Qualified inspectors can interpret the resultant images and record the location and type of defect present in the material.

Radiographic material and x-ray generators that are used in industrial radiography emit harmful ionizing radiation that present a major hazard to the workers and public This demands that all workers with ionizing radiation undergo extensive training to ensure they can operate the equipment correctly and provide protection to them selves and the general public. Following approved radiation safety procedures and regulations when working with radioactive materials is the only way to prevent harmful exposure to this dangerous radiation. Therefore the SGS NDT Training & Examination Center offers training courses in radiation safety with the main objective being to prevent the spread of contamination and to protect both individuals and the environment.

SGS is pleased to announce that Mr Danny Yang, SGS NDT Technician, successfully passed the Chinese Radiation Safety Course and examination. The Radiation Safety Course by SGS is designed to teach SGS technicians to work with radiation sources in a safe and efficient manner. As the course teaches general rules, procedures and responsibilities for personnel working with radiation, it is an essential requirement when working with ionizing radiation. Radiation safety may seem simple in principle, but accidents involving over-exposure from gamma sources and x-rays occur at a rate that demands vast improvement. For SGS it is very important to demonstrate to both SGS personnel and SGS clients that safety ALWAYS comes first!

The SGS NDT Training Center in China offers training and certification for NDT methods and inspections in accordance with world class standards. The aim is to provide certified personnel to ensure better and safer inspections.

SGS Non-Destructive Testing Services has many more advanced technologies for examining products and Radiographic Testing is just one of many available to us.


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