May 14, 2009. Lakefield, Ontario - SGS is honored to announce that Dr. Chris A. Fleming is the recipient of the 2009 Airey Award. This award recognizes members of the Metallurgical Society of CIM (MetSoc) who have contributed significantly to the advancement of metallurgy in Canada, either through their career or outstanding individual contributions. This is Dr. Fleming’s fourth award from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), having previously been honored with the Sherritt Hydrometallurgy award (1997), the CIM Distinguished Lecturer award (1997/98) and the CIM Fellowship award (2004).

Dr. Fleming holds a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He worked in hydrometallurgical research and development for Mintek in South Africa for 16 years, before immigrating with his family to Canada in 1990 to join Lakefield Research. He has been strongly associated with the global expansion and 10 fold growth of the business over the last 15 years. He worked for Lakefield Research first as General Manager from 1992 onward, and then as Chief Operating Officer when the company was privatized in 1995, through a management buyout from Lakefield Research’s former owners, Falconbridge. After the acquisition of Lakefield Research by SGS in 2002, Dr. Fleming took on the role of Vice President, Global Metallurgy, with technical responsibility for SGS Minerals Services’ world wide metallurgical business. Dr. Fleming has recently retired from management, and is currently a Senior Metallurgical Consultant for SGS, advising clients with his wide range of metallurgical and chemical expertise.

Dr. Fleming has authored or co-authored 74 technical publications, been awarded 14 patents and contributed to several technical books on various aspects of extractive metallurgy. He has directed research teams and has consulted within the industry for on hydrometallurgical projects and operations, related in particular to gold leaching and recovery. He is recognized throughout the industry for his contributions to the commercialization of the carbon-in-pulp and resin-in-pulp processes in gold extraction, as well as for the development of the Augment, Hannah and Platsol processes.

The Airey Award was created in memory of the late H.T. Airey, who was a key player in the creation and development of the Annual Conference of Metallurgists for the Metallurgical Society of CIM. The Airey Award is the most prestigious award in Canadian metallurgy and is in recognition of career and individual contributions based on 15 or more years of participation. The award recognizes various contributions to Canadian metallurgy including research and development leadership, research and development contribution, process development, technological leadership and industrial leadership fostering a climate resulting in major technological development.

Dr. Fleming will be presented with the Airey Award during the Conference of Metallurgists, which will be held August 25th, in Sudbury, Ontario.

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