The demand for good qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspectors is growing rapidly all over the world. Correctly qualified personnel are a necessity for the NDT industry. Certification of the inspectors is essential as NDT experts often make critical judgments that can have both financial and safety-related consequences. Certification presents objective evidence of the knowledge and skill level of the person conducting an inspection.

The Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) is a program developed by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. The PCN Scheme is a reliable and cost-effective method of satisfying NDT personnel qualification and certification and quality management systems requirements. PCN conforms to EN 473, and ISO 9712 and is setting industry standards in the UK and taking a leading role both in Europe and worldwide.

The SGS NDT Training and Examination Center conducted the first PCN courses in English for overseas candidates from the Middle East region. After an extensive training course of 15 days and the successful completion of the examinations they returned to their home countries with PCN level 2 qualifications. This demonstrates an increasing need in the market for EN 473 qualifications outside of Europe. In future, companies will be wise to invest in quality NDT training.

The SGS NDT Training and Examination Center provides training and examination of NDT operators in accordance with recognized worldwide standards. SGS is currently conducting a range of PCN training courses and examinations in Shanghai and around the SE Asian region. These training courses, and examinations, are available in both English and Chinese. Although China and the SE Asian region are the primary focus for SGS, we can also offer these services anywhere in the world where the demand exists. Courses and Examinations are available on almost a weekly basis and are graded by Level 3 SGS Examiners who are authorized by PCN.

SGS also provides comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing services. The scope of SGS covers both conventional and advanced NDT methods, provided by qualified inspectors to international standards around the world.


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