For 2009, SGS Industrial Services has scheduled nine Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) training courses, conducted by BETZ, an authorized international agent of American Welding Society (AWS), in Latin America, including Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela.

The American Welding Society (AWS) is a non-profit organization which aims to advance the science, technology and application of welding and related joining disciplines. With headquarters in Miami, Florida (USA), its main activities include developing codes and standards for the welding industry, arranging training, progressing certifications, networking and publishing books and materials for welding professionals.

Through a partnership with BETZ, which trains and certifies people on behalf of AWS, SGS Industrial Services organizes Welding Inspector Training on a regular basis. As an authorized agent of AWS since 2005, SGS has organized nine Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) training courses in Latin America in 2009, including Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela.

Objectives of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training

The training program prepares candidates for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector examination. Participants receive comprehensive welding inspection education and practical experience in welding processes and procedures. This training includes, among other topics, welding inspection technology and Visual Inspection workshops.

Benefits of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Certification

The AWS/CWI Certification is recognized and accepted worldwide in the welding industry as it represents the quality of skills and knowledge in the field of welding. The degree of professionalism and commitment gained is taken seriously by employers and often honored with higher designations and better salaries.

Schedule of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training and Examination during 2009

SGS Location Training and Exam Location

AWS/CWI Course Schedule for 2009

Columbia, Bogota

  • April 20 – 25
  • July 6 – 11
  • November 30 – December 5

Peru, Lima

  • March 16 – 21

Ecuador, Quito

  • May 25 – 30

Panama, Panama City

  • May 11 – 17

Venezuela, Caracas

  • March 2 – 8
  • July 13 – 19
  • November 9 – 13

Related SGS Non-Destructive Testing and Training Services

In addition to the AWS Certified Welding Inspector training and examination, SGS provides internationally recognized training and certification services in Non-Destructive Testing Services.

Offering Training Services is a key part of SGS’ strategy to improve quality and safety around the world. To obtain more information about the Certified Welding Inspector training and examination and to learn how to register for a course, visit the SGS Training Calendar.

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