SGS proudly announces that three of its labs have been recently accepted by the IEC onto the IECEE CB Scheme for RoHS. Starting with the 15th of December 2008, the laboratories can operate as CB Testing Laboratories under the responsibility of SGS Finland as a National Certification Body and can carry out testing within the CB Scheme. The following laboratories became members of the CB Scheme and as of now operate within the IECEE CB Scheme for the Scope (Product Category(ies) and Standard(s)) as listed in the relevant part of the IECEE Website.

CBTL SGS Green Testing Center (Japan), CBTL SGS Inspection Services LTD (Finland), CBTL SGS Thailand LTD, the fore-mentioned SGS branches have received Certificates of Acceptance as a consequence of their full compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2005-05, The Basic Rules, IECEE 01: 2008-11 and Rules of Procedure IECEE 02: 2008-10, and the relevant IECEE CB-Scheme Operational Documents. These certificates are renewed every three years upon the successful completion of the Reassessment Program administrated by the CB Scheme.

Moreover, scope extension for product category RoHS has been granted to the following SGS branches: NCB SGS Fimko, CBTL SGS Korea, CBTL SGS Taiwan, CBTL SGS Hong Kong, CBTL SGS Guangzhou. This so-called extension is a further accreditation, improving SGS's capabilities for inspection, verification, testing and certification.

For more information, please consult IECEE Website or visit SGS E&E webpage.

SGS has 24 accredited RoHS labs worldwide and 1,000 specialists in this field, providing RoHS testing to ensure that the E&E industry has the requisite independent data for a RoHS compliance declaration to be granted.

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