As announced by Dr. Kioko Mang'eli, Managing Director of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in Nairobi the implementation of the new PVoC contract has been effective since 17th November, 2008.

Appointment of PVoC inspection agents and their designated regions of responsibilities (operations)

Unlike the previous one, for which SGS was also one of the appointed agents, the new contract provides a choice to the exporters/ importers, according to their preference and the regions of responsibility. SGS is the only agent been accredited to operate in all regions thus being the only company offering services around the Globe.

The PVoC program is based on Article 5 of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT/WTO), which requires that technical requirements (i.e. Standards) applied to foreign products must also be applied to domestically manufactured products. Over 2500 domestic companies are already subjected to Kenya standards, through our Quality assurance department and therefore PVoC will offer equal and national treatment to imported products.

Since PVoC is a conformity assessment process to verify that products imported to Kenya are in compliance with the applicable Kenya standards or approved equivalents, regulations and technical requirements before shipment, it is the sole responsibility of the supplier (i.e. exporter) to demonstrate the same and hence meet any associated costs of verification.

Elements of PVoC

The key elements undertaken in PVoC by authorized PVoC Agents are:

  • Physical inspection prior to shipment
  • Sampling, testing and analysis in ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratories or other KEBS approved laboratories
  • Quality Audit of production processes
  • Documentary review of conformity with regulations
  • Issuance of Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or Non Conformity Report (NCR) as appropriate

For further details on the distribution of the Regions and the implementation of the PVoC programme please refer to and web sites.


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About SGS

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