Over the past 2 years, there have been a number of accidents worldwide with children swallowing magnets detached from toys as well as hundreds of consumer complaints, incident reports and several RAPEX notifications.

The EU Commission has adopted a Decision (2008/329/EC) requiring warning labels for magnetic toys. The Commission uses an emergency procedure to have the requirement in place as soon as possible. The warning is mandatory from 21 July 2008.

The requirement applies for toys placed or made available on the EU market. It applies to toys already in stock as well as toys to be imported after 21st of July 2008.

For further information about the translation of the warning in the different languages, read our SafeGuardS: Mandatory from 21 July 2008: EU Requires Warning on Toys Containing Magnets – May 08 The EC published Questions & Answers on Magnets in Toys You can also read the previous SGS SafeGuardS about Magnets: EU requires “magnetic toys” to carry a warning label - March 08Update of EU Draft Requirements for Magnetic Toys French warning magnets in toys Mandate magnets in toys SGS offers a wide range of services for magnetic toys: ASTM F963-07 Magnet Testing, Magnetic Flux Measurements, Design Feasibility Review, Test-to-Failure and Use / Reliability Testing.

SGS is highly involved in leading the CEN task group on hazardous magnets in toys. Our experts are available to answer your questions.

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