The EU RoHS review is in full swing. Anticipated for the next directive update is the publication of new exemptions for specific applications of the currently banned substances as well as the phasing-out of category eight and nine related product exemptions from the RoHS scope.

Beyond these changes which deal with the existing restricted substances there are new developments. The review of the EU RoHS is based on 2002/95/EC Article 5 with the perspective that as soon as scientific evidence is available and in accordance with the principles on chemicals policy, EU bodies shall decide on altering the scope of the directive.

This shall happen by reviewing the list of restricted substances on the basis of scientific findings and taking the precautionary principle for the health and safety of consumers and the environment into account.

List of Banned Susbstances may Enlarge Considerably

The Öko Institut (based in Freiburg/Germany) which conducts the review for the European Commission uses declarations provided by suppliers and manufacturers of EEE, existing studies, XRF-analyses and other information as the basis for the review. As a result Öko Institut has provided a list of 46 substances or substance families for scrutiny according to a recent publication.

The suggested list of future potentially prohibited substances covers a large variety of chemicals including new heavy metals and/or some of their compounds, brominated flame retardants other than PBB/PBDE, phthalate-based plasticizers but also "simple" organic chemicals like formaldehyde or even a polymer like PVC or inorganic fibres (glass/mineral wool/ceramic); to name just a few.

The new substance list is subject to comments by the industry and their stakeholders. Publication of the list together with comments is scheduled for the end of April 2008.

With SGS you will be Prepared

As the world's leader in third party testing, SGS has already established analytical procedures to cover restricted substances far beyond the six substances limited by EU RoHS. SGS provides services to help your products meet future market requirements - whatever the legal frameworks might be.

Find the complete list of substances under review (PDF 60.6 KB).

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