A Service to fulfill the needs of the industry. This service was developed by the IECEE because of:

  • Globally different requirements for HS
  • Testing methods and test results varying between laboratories
  • Market surveillance on HS has begun

A need for reliable tools to verify and demonstrate the level of HS. Key Benefits:

  • A test report in accordance with IEC 62321 produced by an IECEE HS laboratory
  • Reliable test results based on a controlled network of independent laboratories and NCBs
  • A tool for the industry to verify and demonstrate the level of HS in electrical products
  • Eliminates double testing and costs It offers online access to the IECEE reports
  • Impartial HS Statement of Tests Results by an NCB

Creating Harmonised Quality Requirement

This service is aimed at controlling and harmonizing quality requirements during the analytical testing as well as globally recognized reports over all participating test companies. The Reporting service is based on NCBs (National Certification Bodies) and controlled by the Peer Assessment Scheme as well as regular round-robin testing programs. Based on the test results, the certification bodies will issue HS Statement of Test Results. The IECEE of the scheme and in the future the test results will be published on this site.

SGS Involved in shaping the IECEE Reporting

SGS acts as a Convenor of the IECEE working group developing the new service with other members from Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, China, France, Germany and United States.

SGS will offer the IECEE Reporting Service via its NCBs:

  • SGS Finland
  • SGS Belgium

The service will be offered to the market after the IEC 62321 standard is published, currently targeted for September of 2008.


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