The Finnish Safety Authorities (Tukes) has found numerous electrical products with more severe defects than in earlier years. Of 300 faulty products over 60 had severe defects. Co-operation with safety authorities in the other countries of the European Economic Area is important to maintain the safety level of the goods placed on the market.

Risk of Electrical Shock

The most Frequent Severe safety defects that may cause electrical shock or fire hazard were found among others in DVD-players, car cabin heaters, cord extension sets and LED lamps. 88 products received a sales ban and in 19 cases the importers were ordered to collect the products back from the buyers. Dangerous rubber cords where found in car cabin heaters and cord extension sets. Part of the so-called weather-proof rubber cords did not withstand cold temperatures. In worst cases they broke during testing in cold temperatures and live cords became accessible. Exposure to live cords is a dangerous risk especially if the cable is connected to the main.

Cooperation from the authorities of the European countries has been vital. Tukes sent 146 notices regarding defective products to the member countries and received 263 notices. Of these approximately 50% were related to light fittings.

Improve your Product's Safety

The tests and the SGS FI mark certification granted by SGS Finland and the Product Safety mark granted by SGS offices worldwide are the most reliable way to make sure products placed on the markets of your interest are safe.

A list of certified products can be found for SGS Fimko and for SGS Product Safety.


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