Norway recently amended their Products Regulations (No. 922 from 1 June 2004) to ban Deca-BDE in all consumer products with some exemptions in the transport sector. Starting from 1 April the limits for Deca-BDE shall be no more than 0.1 %. The European Commission has not identified Deca-BDE as a significant risk to health and the environment and has exempted the substance from the EU RoHS Directive. At the same time the exemption of Deca-BDE was annulled by a judgment of the European Court on 1 April 2008 due to an initiative of the European Parliament. Products exempted by the new Norwegian regulation:

  • Vehicles which are approved in the Norwegian Vehicle Construction Regulation
  • Aircrafts recorded in the Norwegian Civil Aircraft Register
  • Vessels recorded in the Norwegian International Ship Register. Rolling stock for use on a railway, including trams, metros, etc.

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