SGS Wireless Europe is to use setcom wireless’ S-CAT 5020 Application Enabler test solution and 5030 UMA/GAN test solution for handset certification testing.

SGS and setcom have announced a partnership on mobile handset certification testing under which the SGS Wireless Europe test facility in the UK will use setcom’s 5020 conformance test solution for its Application Enabler handset testing requirements and the 5030 conformance test solution for its UMA/GAN handset testing requirements.

Partnership broadens SGS´s testing capabilitiesThe setcom 5020 and 5030 conformance test solutions installed within the UK certification laboratory of SGS Wireless Europe will be used to test Multi Media Services (MMS), Video Telephony (VT), Device Management (DM) and Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC), GCF and PTCRB certification testing. SGS will also perform pre-conformance testing for a range of non-GCF Application Enablers including Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS), Digital Rights Management (DRM), eMail and Browsing.  The market leading 5030 UMA/GAN test solution will perform handset certification testing and the GANàGERAN handover tests.

As part of the partnership, SGS will prepare all of the UMA/GAN validation work for setcom.  SGS Wireless Europe has been one of the main supporters of UMA/GAN and both companies will combine their knowledge base to push forward this new and exciting wireless technology.

Mutual gains

“setcom is an ideal AE test partner for us,” commented Laurence Richardson, Managing Director of SGS Wireless Europe.  “Over the years, setcom has demonstrated a clear-cut ability to be at the leading edge of Application Enabler conformance test case development which is absolutely vital for us as a handset certification laboratory."

Christian Sprenger, CEO of sitcom, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working so closely with such an important global customer. We already have experience of SGS´s validation capabilities with our GSM/GPRS/EGPRS test cases and we are confident that we can use their expertise to validate our UMA/GAN conformance test cases.”


Founded in 1989 in Munich, Germany, setcom is an independent technology supplier of test solutions for the digital wireless communications industry. The company's goal is to help reduce its customer's development costs and shorten their time to market. Learn more about setcom at:

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