Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the latest Wi-Fi certification program of the Wi-Fi Alliance, will provide a simplified approach to configuring and protecting the Wi-Fi -enabled digital home.

SGS Taiwan was able to take the lead on obtaining the certification qualification, being one of only three accredited laboratories around the world for this certification program.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is expected to lead to a further increase of Wi-Fi technology in PCs and beyond. A wide range of other devices are eligible to pursue the certification, including traditional PC equipment, TV sets, stereos, gaming consoles, and telephones.

Networking made easy

The first release of this program supports the use of a push-button technique or entry of a PIN to connect Wi-Fi devices. Support for methods using Near-Field Communication, also known to users as touching a token or card to a device, as well as for USB Flash drives, are planned to be implemented in the first half of 2007. Wi-Fi has quickly become one of the most pervasive wireless technologies, being relatively easy to set up and protect by customers. Wi-Fi Protected Setup halves the number of steps required by users to set up a network and is easier to install on a wide range of consumer devices.

Having an industry-standard approach to simplifying network setup will be of great help to new Wi-Fi users and also to the more experienced users who need to connect a wider array of devices. As 90% of networked homes are expected to include Wi-Fi by 2010, it’s crucial that manufacturers make it as easy as possible for consumers to configure their setup.