Retailers, importers and trade chains all share a common problem, the golden sample.

It’s a situation seen all too often, a sample is taken which appears to meet all safety and governmental requirements. The price is right and the order is made. However when the product is manufactured it doesn’t reflect the quality of the sample. The sample was golden but the delivery was not.

Retailers face a number of headaches that increase the risk of product recalls and financial penalties. Finding a balance between low production costs and quality, bringing a product to the market on time, and frequent changes to trade partners and manufacturers are just a few. Also, with the production of electrical products in Asia, there is the added risk of a lack of control over the production process and the product’s conformity to laws and requirements. Less time to get detailed information about a new manufacturer as well as language and time-zone barriers only further increase the risk of a golden sample situation happening.

How to avoid these risks?

There are several ways in which the manufacturer and retailer can help improve the process. One way is to create a product specific quality plan to prove that every single manufactured product adheres to the same quality level as the first sample. This is not something that can be achieved by the retailer, importer or supplier alone. What is needed is an independent, competent, global partner who has experience assessing existing test protocols and handling language and time-zone issues. This partner can even control the entire process from production to sales, guaranteeing quality levels and virtually eliminating the risk of a golden sample situation occurring.

SGS – retailer specific services

As a worldwide testing & certification expert SGS can offer vital support to all retailers, importers, suppliers and trade chains. We can provide you with a special service adapted to your specific needs. We are able to perform different kinds of testing, verification of test protocols, various product certifications and inspection, proofing the quality of your products through a specific quality concept. Together we can ensure the highest quality level for the products you bring to market.