The seminar Building in Russia: How to manage risks? that has recently taken place in Moscow consolidated financial institutions, developers, engineering companies and industrials investing in expansion or upgrade of their production and commercial facilities in Russia.

On April 20, 2007 Grand Marriott hotel in Moscow hosted the seminar focusing on “Managing risks while implementing civil engineering and industrial construction projects in Russia”. This business breakfast was organized by the Real Estate Committee of the Association of European Business chaired by Dr. Holger Mueller.

In the framework of the event, Vladimir Seregin, Industrial Safety Manager of SGS Vostok Limited, presented the paper 'Industrial engineering: risk analysis. Approvals to be obtained from Russian authorities. Latest changes in state regulations'. The topic 'Construction budget verification and technical supervision at construction site' was presented by Andrey Kashirin, Industrial Inspection Business Manager of SGS Vostok Limited.

In her speech 'Staff leasing: pro and contra' Lyudmila Kazimirova, Recruitment and Staff Leasing Manager of SGS Vostok Limited, suggested ways to minimize risks in construction industry with regard to human resources.

Insurance as a part of risk management process for construction projects was covered by Vadim Sukhih, Chief Underwriting Officer of ACE Insurance Company.