From 19th to 20th of October SGS participated in the conference in Munich organized by Rostekhregulierovaniye, DIN, the Russian Association of Business and Industry, ZVEI Central Association of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Industry.

Many representatives from Russian institutions for Metrology, Standardization and Certification have been present at the event. Among Russian guests there have been Mr. Grigory Elkin, PhD., Head of Rostekhregulierovaniye, Mr. Yury Artukh, head of Rostekhnadzor in Moscow, Mr. Vladimir Perederni, Head of the Russian Association of Business and Industry.

Topics like the “German-Russian partnership while creating and using international norms in the area of electrical technology and engineering”, “International tendencies in the area of technical regulation”, “Product safety and quality under the conditions of the globalization of economy: one norm – one test – world-wide acceptance?”, etc. were under discussion.

In the framework of the event, German companies had the unique chance to meet almost all representatives of Russian institutions for standardization, certification and metrology, ask their questions and get answers, as well as discuss issues during breaks. Moreover, the Russian referees gave a lot of background information about the system of standardization in Russia, its current problems and shortcomings, their reasons and current progress concerning the harmonization of Russian norms with European ones.