For most electrical and electronics manufacturers, cutting the time it takes to get to international markets is of high priority. Certification Bodies for Electromagnetic Compatibility (CB-EMC) testing forms a certification basis for multiple countries and helps meet customer expectations through the global acceptance of its test results and the fast and cost-effective product qualification process.

The idea behind the CB-EMC certification scheme is identical to the already well-established global CB scheme for product safety. CB-EMC certification has become increasingly accepted for EMC testing around the world. CB tests need not be repeated for each participating country to show compliance with EMC regulations. Furthermore, even authorities from countries not participating in the CB-EMC scheme have begun to recognize CB certificates.

Scope and Advantages

The CB-EMC scheme applies only to products included in its scope and which fulfill the relevant IEC EMC standard requirements. Some of the product groups covered by this scheme include:

  • IT components and systems
  • Power supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Generic products
  • CE Marking

If a product standard to be fulfilled by a manufacturer is included in the CB scheme, the CB-EMC certificate can further serve as the basis for CE marking, as it verifies compliance with the EMC directive. Even if the relevant standard is not included in the CB scheme, only a few additional tests need be performed during the same testing sequence to ensure full compliance with CE requirements.

Having a CB-EMC certificate as part of a Technical Construction File (TCF) will facilitate the TCF’s acceptance by a Notified Body (NB). With an adequate test program, CB-EMC can further ensure conformity with international (CISPR), U.S. (FCC) and Japanese (VCCI) requirements, while significantly reducing testing costs.

Comprehensive Testing Services by SGS

SGS’s EMC testing laboratory at its Center for Quality Engineering (CQE) in Germany is approved by the IEC to operate as a CB testing lab under the responsibility of SGS CEBEC (Belgium) as National Certification Body (NCB). Its product safety testing laboratory and its capability to carry out testing within the IECEE CB-Scheme make SGS CQE a true one-stop-shop, enabling manufacturers to obtain a passport that gives quick access to international markets. SGS China and SGS Korea also have CB-EMC testing capabilities, operating under the responsibility of SGS Fimko (Finland) as NCB.

For more information, please contact:

Josef Bauer
Manager, EMC Testing

SGS Center for Quality Engineering
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