Oil & Gas and Chemical

Comprehensive training support for the oil, gas and chemical industries.

For successful operation as an oil, gas or chemical business, keeping up with regulatory demands and industry trends, as well as the latest technological innovations and environmental concerns, can be daunting. If your staff are well-trained, they can adapt and innovate within the parameters of necessary safeguards and legal responsibilities.

Whether it’s technical support, REACH training or supplier network and transportation services that you’d like to focus on for staff development, our services can simplify your systems, facilitate better B2B communications and allow for a more empowered workforce comfortable dealing with issues that can challenge the economic health of the business.

We can provide bespoke courses that are delivered on site or using online platforms; either scheduled or on request. Our international teams of facilitators provide compliance guidance that reflects expert knowledge of legislation and local environments and markets, boosting your staff confidence and skills.

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