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Enabling sustainability and durability in transaction and financing for your assets.

Safeguarding investment is a big responsibility that needs trusted expertise. When you need to demonstrate that your business can develop and evolve smoothly in its structure and resources, SGS offers services that increase sustainability, reduce risks and supports your path towards a greener building portfolio.

Technical due diligence reduces uncertainty and manages risk. We provide comprehensive assessment of feasibility, schedules, suppliers and project costs, enabling you to make clear-eyed decisions with confidence. Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) is a certification tool that gives you data quickly compared to local baselines, allowing for a quantification of your building efficiency throughout your complete Real Estate portfolio.

SGS has been helping to reduce uncertainty in business for many years, with an accumulation of experience that combines best practice with new and developing technology. We enable you to mitigate the potentially negative environmental impact of your building projects both quickly and effectively.

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