Seafood & Aquaculture

Ensure seafood safety, quality and sustainability requirements for aquaculture and fishing practices.

Global services that support certification to numerous seafood certification standards.

Consumers are increasingly demanding assurances that the wild-caught or farm-raised seafood they eat is safe and has been responsibly sourced. Numerous internationally recognized schemes exist to help you demonstrate your commitment to safety and sustainability, including ASC and MSC Chain of Custody (CoC), BAP Processing Farm, Hatcheries and Feed Mills, GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture, Feed Mills and Chain of Custody, Friend of the Sea (FOS) - Farm and Fisheries, IFFO RS Certified Fisheries, and Fishing Vessels Social Audits.

Our specialist services ensure your suppliers conform to a wide range of relevant standards, increasing efficiency in your operations and reducing risks in your supply chain. Wherever you operate in the world, SGS is your first choice for monitoring safety and sustainability in your seafood supply chain.

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