Insect Resistance Studies

Resistance management from SGS – develop and implement effective resistance management plans.

Agriculture production is impacted by more than 1,900 crop pests and pathogens worldwide. Resistance monitoring is fighting back against the increasing resilience shown by pests and plant diseases to crop protection products. Our resistance monitoring programme supports sustainable agriculture through sampling and testing. Due to the variation in biological systems being much greater than in chemical analytical investigations, we standardize all procedures to ensure consistent, timely and accurate results.

Why choose resistance monitoring from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Devise and implement effective resistance management plans
  • Sample and test organisms
  • Assess results, including the resistance mechanism and the resistance situation on population level per pest and disease/crop on country/registration zone level
  • Measure pests’ resistance to proteins produced by GM crops
  • Meet your legal obligations by complying with the requirements of the relevant resistance management requirements

World-leading resistance management from a trusted provider

With the largest field trial network in the world, extending to 28 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, China, Australia and Africa, we deliver trials on many crops with a focus on new product development. In key regions, we offer resistance monitoring services on insects for pesticides and GM crops, providing sampling and laboratory testing, including insect rearing and testing resistance under controlled conditions.

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