Don't miss our webinar to learn how food organizations can better prioritize early warning-related risks. The approach and tools utilized by industry will be shared.


March 4, 2021


March 4, 2021



Discovering unknown food safety risks requires the ability to connect events with the potential adverse effects they could have. In most cases this knowledge is disseminated across hundreds of thousands of different sources and research papers.

Technology becomes a vital tool in identifying emerging risks through its capability of transforming data into quantitative, actionable and decision-ready insights. It also serves as an important source of information by gathering data from our consumers, customers, and suppliers. In this webinar we will look at how food safety professionals can best spot issues and then track them over time.


Lack of control and supervision on early warning signals can lead to an increased number of food safety incidents and therefore potential crisis. Food safety professionals are challenged to find answers for questions like:

  • What are the emerging food safety issues appearing in the competitive, regulatory and media landscape?
  • How much traction are these issues getting and who is driving them?
  • How can we mitigate these risks?
  • How are these risks evolving over time?
  • Where is this evolution coming from?

With the amount of information that we are exposed to, finding relevant insights to answer these questions is critical for any business operating in the food value chain.


The webinar will address how organizations can better prioritize early warning-related risks. It will specifically focus on the approach, as well as tools, utilized by industry. Specifically, a participant should come away with a better understanding of how:

  • To define what information matters the most and create the right internal landscape to monitor for it
  • Large food producers define effective early warning risk detection
  • Technology can help navigate across the avalanche of information to spot the needle in the haystack


Nicola Colombo
Global Head of SGS Digicomply

Paolo Mazzatorta
Senior Specialist Food Safety and Quality
Nestlé Institute for Food Safety and Analytical Sciences

Session Schedule

7:00 AM – San Francisco (United States)
10:00 AM – New York (United States)
3:00 PM – London (United Kingdom)
4:00 PM – Paris (France)

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