This webinar aims to update all interested parties on the benefits of managing personal data through the delivery of an effective privacy information management system and discusses ISO 27701 as a pragmatic approach to implement data privacy on a global level.


January 27, 2021


January 27, 2021



As data breaches continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, it's never been more important to secure business-critical and private data.

The recent approval of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) amendment to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has demonstrated voter appetite for more protection of their personal data. This trend has been seen across the globe.

Virtually every country has enacted with local or regional data privacy laws to regulate how information is collected, how data subjects are informed, and what control they have over their data. Failure to follow data privacy regulations may lead to fines and lawsuits. As a result, organizations must implement policies and procedures to assure compliance with the growing list of privacy regulations.

This webinar will guide the delivery of an effective privacy management program, enabling organizations globally to better secure their important information assets.

This is the first webinar in our series, with three more webinars coming up – stay tuned to hear about them.

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