Join this webinar to learn how SGS helps identify, evaluate and mitigate flow assurance and production chemistry related challenges.


July 1, 2020


July 1, 2020



SGS carries out independent production chemical services based around experimental analysis, field monitoring and specialist consultancy support to enhance performance and optimize chemical expenditure. This webinar will showcase the wide array of techniques SGS is equipped to perform, which allows the identification, evaluation and mitigation of flow assurance and production chemistry related challenges.


An informative review of SGS production chemistry services and relevant case studies. The case studies highlight how you can predict, monitor and mitigate production challenges by applying tailor-made operationally valued solutions within your own organization with the support of our team.


This webinar will cover:

  • Total Systems Audit Review (TSAR)
  • SGS production chemical services
  • SGS chemical evaluation and optimization (OPEX reduction)
  • Flow assurance case studies
  • Corrosion control case studies
  • Chemical quality assurance/compatibility


At SGS, we provide industry-approved methods that meet the highest standards of testing and certification. We offer a full suite of testing for optimizing your well and process performance and minimizing operating expenditure. You can outsource to our experienced staff and trust in their expertise and our state-of-the-art fixed laboratories for all your analyses. With this background, we have unrivalled knowledge in the oil and gas industry to meet your production chemistry analysis needs.

Target Audience

Operations, production, process and reservoir engineering disciplines.


Matthew Snape, Principal Consultant, Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands

After joining Intertek Commercial Microbiology in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2002, Matthew first worked as an oilfield microbiologist in the global technical services group, conducting field audits and driving customer operational solutions. In 2006, he joined Nalco Champion as technical support team lead for the North Sea, working a diverse selection of key production chemistry projects whilst retaining his subject matter expertise for global oilfield microbiology, water injection and reservoir souring projects. In 2012, Matthew relocated to Dubai, UAE, taking a role as regional technical authority for Nalco Champion, leading the Middle East and North Africa business support services. Most recently and prior to joining SGS, Matthew was the senior technical lead and production chemistry focal point for the NCOC Kashagan Project operations based in Kazakhstan from 2017 to 2019.

Matthew is currently principal consultant and production chemistry focal point within the SGS Subsurface Consultancy Group, accountable for consultancy project management and services delivery, adding operational value to respective oil and gas operations.