Join this webinar to learn about SGS’s independent asset valuation services for conventional and unconventional resources in the upstream oil and gas industry.


July 22, 2020


July 22, 2020



Working with Blue River Analytics, SGS offers independent asset valuation services for conventional and unconventional resources in the Upstream Oil and Gas industry. We use data analytics, coupled with efficient integrated reservoir and well performance reviews, to deliver key insights into an asset’s value.

Engineered with the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) statistical methods, SGS and Blue River Analytics are equipped with advanced (big) data analytics expertise and tools to efficiently and accurately evaluate the (remaining) potential in oil and gas reservoirs, taking into consideration a range of variables (e.g. subsurface risks and uncertainties, projected operating costs, waterfall economics, “what-if” pricing scenarios).

This webinar will showcase several case studies highlighting workflows, tools and processes that can be used to appraise the value of an asset combining the experience of analysts with geoscience and petroleum/reservoir engineering specialists. These workflows can be used to support the cost-effective and efficient screening of assets for customers involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities, including private equity firms, and oil & gas operators looking for an optimized development scenario and/or reserves estimation.


At the end of this webinar, you will have heard how advanced data analytics can be used to improve efficiency in asset valuation/reserves estimation, and how to identify potential applications of data analytics in your own business.


  • Approach
    • Advanced analytics using Energy Analytics Workbench® (EAW)
    • Swift integrated reservoir and well performance review
  • Applications (case studies)


Oil and gas operators are constantly dealing with challenges arising from complex operational processes related to (production) performance improvement and (production) equipment management. SGS and Blue River Analytics provide development of custom-made applications and consultancy based on data analytics and subsurface knowledge. Our joint focus is on using data to create value by efficiently delivering actionable insights.

Tailor-made Spotfire based workflows & dashboards can be developed to immediately and accurately improve client’s reservoir management and operations decisions or assess asset value. SGS’s upstream consultancy services, focused on production optimization, asset valuation and asset integrity, combined with Blue River Analytics enhanced advanced data analytics expertise are focused on extracting maximum value from your data and increasing production performance and company profitability.

Target audience

Reservoir, Well, Production, Operations, Process Engineering Disciplines, Reservoir Management, Production and Asset Managers


Ali Vakili, Senior Reservoir engineer, SGS Subsurface Consultancy, Voorburg, The Netherlands
Ali has over 15 years experience in reservoir engineering, including reservoir performance monitoring (operation), numerical research on different elements on a closed-loop reservoir management, integrated reservoir studies, field development planning and asset valuation services.

Ali has been with SGS since 2011 as Reservoir Engineer and Project Manager, involved in numerous projects worldwide, on both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Jonathan Guthrie, Senior Analytics Consultant/Advisor, Blue River Analytics Inc, Denver, US
Jon has over 40 years experience in Oil & Gas applications and more than 20 years experience of business intelligence and analytics delivery in the UK, US and across the EMEA.