Learn about the updates and outlook for Chain of Custody certification holders.


January 23, 2020


January 23, 2020




The FSC™ and PEFC™ Chain of Custody (COC) Standards are frequently adapted to consider new knowledge, risks and detected misuse. Certificate holders are challenged to record and implement related changes of the COC systems. With an increasing audience, SGS has been providing an annual update on new developments and an outlook since 2015. Furthermore, SGS is analyzing frequent non-conformities raised by more than 10,000 COC certificates holders and will review these insights with the participants.


This webinar aims to update all chain of custody certificate holders, consultancies and other interested parties on the changes to the transition and implementation rules of FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody Standards.


  • FSC Chain of Custody: Analyses and Presentation of frequent non-conformities
  • FSC Project Standard: Purpose and Revised Requirements
  • Transaction Verification: Recent Investigations and Results
  • PEFC Chain of Custody: The Revision, Publication, and Implementation

Target Audience

FSC and PEFC COC certified clients as well as any other interested parties.