Join SGS at Merck Pharma Forum 2019, an annual conference on new developments in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials.


June 4, 2019


June 4, 2019


Darmstadt, Germany

In recent years, up to 100 participants have attended this annual conference.

This year, SGS, Merck and leading industry experts will take part in discussions on cutting edge topics, including:

  • Genotoxic impurities: technical and regulatory issues, validation methods and development of appropriate control strategies
  • Brexit: new approaches to simplifying the management of CMC changes after approval, and challenges of day-to-day change management
  • Chinese excipients regulation: current regulatory developments and the status of the Chinese pharmacopoeia and its impact on the pharmacy industry and suppliers
  • Technically unavoidable particles (TUPs): concepts and experiences regarding particles in APIs and excipients in the context of the APIC and IPEC best practice papers
  • Proposed changes to Annex 1 of the EU GMP guide: methods of implementation and the effect on sterile active substances

The event will shed light on these and other topics from a variety of perspectives, with the aim of introducing practical implementation paths.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For further information, please contact:

Josée Leach
Global Marketing Manager – Life Sciences
m: +44 7889 939 512