Join our webinar to learn about the SGS Hygiene Monitored program and get a brief introduction to hygiene monitoring and third party certification in food service.


May 9, 2019


May 9, 2019



In 2010, according to the World Health Organization, there were an estimated 582 million cases of 22 different foodborne enteric diseases and 351,000 associated deaths, the latter mainly caused by Salmonella typhi, enteropathogenic E. coli and Norovirus. Different food safety management systems, covering practices such as HACCP, time/temperature, post-process contamination and hygiene training, have been developed to minimize the spread of foodborne diseases.

Nevertheless, food poisoning outbreaks still occur. These are often attributed to food handler errors and non-compliance with basic food hygiene procedures. It is estimated that each year more than 20 million people get sick from Norovirus, the leading cause of disease outbreaks from contaminated food in the US, mainly as a result of close contact with infected people or the consumption of food that has been contaminated.

Publicly available recall data and media coverage of outbreaks often point to manufacturers and processors as the primary causes of food contamination. However, in many cases food safety system failures are caused by breaches of food safety regulations and protocols, including failure to ensure critical procedures, such as cleaning and the separation of raw and cooked meat. Ineffective training is also an issue, as employee perceptions of food safety and the routine practice of food safety behaviors play an important role in maintaining a food safety culture within an organization.

This webinar (45-minute presentation / 15-minute Q&A) will provide an overview of the SGS Hygiene Monitored (HM) Program, its key benefits and how it can be used to address the issue of food safety within the food service and catering industries. There will also be a brief introduction to third party certification within the food service industry, with a summary of the options available and the key benefits.


  • Introduction to food service: challenges and trends
  • The SGS Hygiene Monitored (HM) Program: purpose and key objectives, benefits and application
  • The role of 3rd party certification in the food service area: application and benefits
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at food safety and quality professionals in the food service industry, including full service restaurants, fast food outlets, catering operations, school and hospital cafeterias, and everywhere else that food is prepared, served and sold to the general public.

Language: English
Cost: No Charge


  • Zeb Blanton – SGS Global Food Technical Manager
  • Neil Milvain – Global Product Manager FSSC/ISO 22000

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