Join our brand protection services expert, Kymberli Stewart, to learn more about traceability in the supply chain and common labeling systems.


November 12, 2018


November 13, 2018


Brussels, Belgium

SGS brand protection expert Kymberli Stewart will join fellow industry experts on November 12 at 2:10 pm, to take part in the European Commission's International Product Safety Week to speak about the issue of Traceability of Products in the EAEU, EU and US.

In February 2018, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) signed an Agreement on the common labeling system of goods with control (identification) signs in the Eurasian Economic Union. The aim of the Agreement is to create a unified system whereby goods will be marked with a "means of identification", i.e. a sign or code consisting of a machine-readable sequence of symbols on a bar code, a special Radio Frequency Identification tag or a "material carrier" which is mark that contains anti-counterfeit security elements. Product identification information will be recorded in a single, central register to be established and maintained by the Eurasian Economic Commission. This Agreement marks a new approach to product labeling and traceability in the region.

The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) will convene in Brussels to discuss the importance of these new regulations and hold its International Symposium during the European Commission's International Product Safety Week.

This discussion will examine the application of the Agreement and how it impacts consumers’ rights and the obligations of manufacturers and importers to the region and will also provide a comparison with the EU and US approach to product traceability.


The theme of this year’s event is, "Alignment and Inclusion in a Divergent World", and it will highlight how the product safety community, and more specifically ICPHSO through increased focus on inclusion and diversity when addressing product safety issues can benefit consumers everywhere.

Note: Translation services will be provided for all sessions on November 12-13, 2018.

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