Come and meet the SGS team at FISITA World Automotive Congress 2018, the forum for industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and discuss the trends that will drive the automotive industry forward.


October 1, 2018


October 4, 2018


Chennai, India

SGS Automotive is pleased to welcome you to the 37th FISITA World Congress in Chennai, October 2-5, 2018. Our experts will be on hand at Booth #2023 to discuss solutions to your automotive needs.

About the FISITA World Automotive Congress

The 37th FISITA Congress will feature a global exhibition, special sessions, technical visits and opportunities to showcase products, services and capabilities to international decision makers including corporate executives, buyers, policy-makers and experts. Under the theme of ‘Disruptive Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility’, congress participants will discuss significant research and discoveries in subjects like powertrain and emissions, fuels and lubricants and vehicle concepts.

This year, SGS is a gold sponsor for the event and our engineers contribute two research papers addressing current technology and regulatory challenges: 1) “ADAS, new challenge for Homologation and Periodical Technical Inspection”, 2) "Data Mining Applications for Vehicle Testing and Development".

Join Our Experts as They Present Their Research Findings: 

Topic of Presentation Speaker Date and Time
ADAS, new challenge for Homologation and Periodical Technical Inspection Cyrille Pauly,
Product Manager – Safety and Emissions, SGS
Presentation date/time will be announced by FISITA in August 2018.
Data Mining Applications for Vehicle Testing and Development Keith Vertin,
Director of Analytics, SGS
Presentation date/time will be announced by FISITA in August 2018.

Discover Our Automotive Offerings at Booth #2023:

  • Testing for Materials and Paints, Electrical Components and Traction Batteries, Powertrain and Dynamics, Fuels and Oils, Vehicles and Engines, and Mechanical Components. 
  • Asset Assessment and Certification Support. 
  • Solutions to Optimize Retail Dealer Networks. 
  • Supply Chain Quality and Development Services. 
  • Statutory Vehicle Inspections and Related IT Applications. 
  • Compliance and Consultancy Services. 
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems.

About SGS Services for the Automotive Industry: 

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With 95,000 employees and a network of offices, laboratories and vehicle testing centers worldwide, we help automotive industry stakeholders to optimize every step of the value chain. Governments, manufacturers, financing and insurance companies, as well as consumers, rely on our independent, accurate and secure solutions to assure quality, improve performance, prove conformity to applicable regulations and standards and thus to reduce risk and environmental impact. 

SGS globally serves the automotive industry with more than 6,000 FTE employees. Many of these are members of one of the 37 FISITA member societies, thriving to contribute to society by advancing automotive engineering for achieving truly sustainable transportation. India as this year’s FISITA congress host, has played a major role in SGS’s international automotive testing services network for 10 years. Employing more than 125 engineers and technicians in our transportation laboratories in Chennai, Manesar and Pune, we support the Indian automotive industry with material and component testing and quality assurance services.

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For further information or to set a meeting schedule, please email

Matthias Popp 
Global VP Testing Services, Transportation