Visit our booth at the 2018 Summer NAMM to learn about our service portfolio for audio and video devices and how the SGS North America Listed Mark can help you demonstrate the safety and quality of your products destined for the US market.


June 28, 2018


June 30, 2018


Nashville, United States

Over 1,600 brands will display their latest innovation in music products and technology at the 2018 Summer NAMM, in Nashville, TN.

This event is a great networking platform for the expected 14,000 visitors, as well as a source of professional development through its well-established sessions, including:

  • Retail Training Summit – a retail training series to help businesses grow
  • Advanced Audio Applications Exchange (A3E) – a space to discover the latest innovations in music, technology, computer science and manufacturing
  • The Idea Center and TEC Tracks
  • NAMM U Breakfast Sessions for sharing strategies and future directions of the music industry

We will highlight the advantages of our SGS North America Listed Mark and service capabilities for Audio and Video Equipment at booth 10.

For your products to have access to America’s music products market, they must be tested and certified to government and retailer standards. As a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), we can ensure that your products are compliant with all government regulations and safety schemes. After proper testing and certification, your products will bear the SGS North America Listed Mark. This mark will show retailers and consumers that your products have gone through the proper testing and certification process.

SGS supports manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the audio and video equipment industries through the entire production process and in their relation with supply chains, from the product design stage through to shipment. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs – from offering a comprehensive production strategy, through certification to meet industry standards, or one-off tests to support quality control or risk assessment processes.

For further information on the SGS North America Listed Mark and our testing and certifications services for Audio and Video Equipment or to plan your visit to our booth, please contact:

Carolynn Leonard
National Sales Director
Consumer Goods and Retail
Electrical and Electronics
t: +1 770 570 1821